Current Playing Directions & Covid-19 Guidelines

We are delighted to now be welcoming golfers back to both the course and clubhouse.  Please see below for the guidelines for the phased reopening of the Club to ensure your safe and enjoyable return to golf.


The gate at the rear of the Clubhouse will be OPEN from 7.00am closed at 6pm.

To exit the course please use the front gate which, as you know will open automatically when approached.

Cars must be parked a good distance from each other - there is plenty of room in the car park to do this safely. Please use the ‘overflow car park’ in the field at the rear of the Clubhouse if it is busy.

NO PARKING IS ALLOWED BEYOND THE FIRST TEE AREA this is an emergency access road to the Buggy and Green Sheds and needs to be kept clear.

The Locker rooms are now open for golfers to use, including the shower areas.

Golfers must proceed to the first tee just a few minutes prior to their allotted tee time.

DO NOT congregate by the first tee waiting for your time.

The Pro-Shop is fully open, please wear a face covering in the Shop.

Social Distancing – it is important that we keep 2m apart in line with the social distancing guidelines set by the government.


Type of play

4 ball play is allowed.

Flagstick / Hole

The flag must always be left in the hole.

The hole liner has been changed, and the ball does not drop deep into the hole, so it can be retrieved without touching the cup.

In social play only Golfers may decide between themselves that a putt within a club length is a ‘gimmie’


Bunker rakes have been removed to avoid contamination.

The bunkers will not be maintained to their normal standard and the recent Covid Rule remains – a ball may be marked and placed withing 6 inches if lying in the sand.

As you leave a bunker please ‘swish’ your strike mark and footprints in the sand with your feet, so the bunker is tidy for those following you.


Buggy use

Buggies are available for hire and MUST be booked in advance through the professional shop.

Buggies will be sanitised between use.

Buggies are for single use or sharing with someone from within your household.


The Clubhouse is now open again for members and visitors.  Please note that face coverings are required to be worn until you are seated.  Golfers must adhere to the "rule of 6" when inside the Clubhouse, or 2 households per table.  

Both the catering and the bar are offering table service at the present time.  Please ask a member of staff to order,  or telephone using the numbers on the tables.

On completion of your round

The air-blower, used for cleaning shoes and equipment, is not in use.

Practice Ground and Putting Green

The practice range and putting green are open for use.

Practice balls will be available from the professional.


Course Work

White Lining – GUR

Following vegetation management, some areas remain in recovery. These areas are white lined, and designated Ground Under Repair. A ball may be moved to the nearest point, outside the area, no nearer the hole, and dropped with no penalty.

New Out of Bounds

The new Greens Compound is OOB along the course side of the new mounding, and the line is identified by white marker posts.

New Green Keepers Compound.

The new compound is a working environment containing large and potentially dangerous machinery. NO unauthorised member should visit the area or ‘cut through’ on route back to the Clubhouse when leaving the course.

Covid-19 Rules on the Course

The temporary rules introduced by the R&A remain in effect:-

Placing in bunkers remain.

(The Pandy on 17th/18th is NOT a bunker and a ball must be played as it lies)

Flags MUST be left in the hole.


The PGA Professional’s shop will be open to control the first tee arrangements, take bookings, provide range balls and to give lessons.

The Professional's Shop is now open for retail browsing and all the usual services.

It is requested that transactions are made by credit/debit card only


17th May

The Clubhouse opens for use.

Outdoor - hospitality and catering facilities are subject to the ‘Rule of 30’.

Indoor - hospitality and catering facilities are subject to the ‘Rule of 6’.

Possibly from 21st June

Normal service resumes


The office and administration areas are open Monday – Friday – please note social distancing rules.

All visitors are welcome to ring or email Gary and Emma using the normal channels.


It remains important that we retain some of the hygiene and safety procedures that have been in place for the last year. Staff and Member procedures will be communicated.


It is important that we all follow the temporary arrangements provided above; if they are ignored then it could result in a spread of the virus and could result in the government tightening the restrictions in place or withdrawing the opportunities for us to play.

The Club has been tasked with making sure these arrangements are upheld and we will be monitoring play. Any infringement or disregard of these arrangements will be dealt with by the Club.

Members are asked to stay away from the Club if:

they have travelled abroad in the last 2 weeks

they, or anyone they have been in contact with have had the symptoms of Covid-19 in the last two weeks.

they have not booked a time to play or practice

Members should be mindful of the advice provided by the Government Health Officials for those who are in ‘vulnerable’ category groups and consider if they should attend the Golf Club.

If there are any changes to these temporary arrangements or if the government changes the dates, then this document will be updated and communicated to Members and posted on the web site for review.

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