Covid-19 Latest Procedures

Please note that due to the current lockdown restrictions the Course, Clubhouse and Professional's Shop are currently closed.  In line with the Government legislation we look forward to reopening on Thursday 3rd December 2020.

It remains our aim to welcome you safely into the clubhouse and to comply with all legislation. Due to the recent increases in Covid-19 and the recent new legislation and guidance we must make adjustments to the operating procedures at the Club.

We believe we have a safe environment around the Course and Clubhouse at Ganton, and we aim to do all we can, to make sure it stays this way, so you can continue to visit and enjoy the facilities.

The emphasis has now shifted from requesting that members and guests follow a set of Covid-19 guidelines; to penalties now being aimed at venues, to ensure that they have a set of rules in place to protect their guests.

We are being asked to ensure that the guidelines are adhered to, therefore the following temporary rules will be in place at Ganton from Thursday 24th September.

You MUST have a mask with you when visiting the Club.
A mask MUST be worn in the Professionals Shop
A mask MUST be worn when moving around the Clubhouse
Once you have sat down at a table, then you may remove your mask; however you must put it back on when moving around the Clubhouse

Ganton staff will be wearing face guards / masks in the Clubhouse, in line with new legislation.

Arrangements have been made in the clubhouse to restrict numbers around tables - MAXIMUM of 6.
Furniture is currently being moved around, especially on the terrace, and we have experienced groups larger than this sat around one table - this must stop.
Please ensure that you remain in groups of 6 maximum, and do not mix with other groups at the Club while here.

Track and Trace
It is our duty to record names of ALL who visit the Club for the government 'track and trace' scheme.
Please make sure your name is on your bookings when playing golf.
If you are have a guest, or you are just attending for social purposes then you must register using the NHS Covid-19 App and scan the QR Code from the posters that have been erect at entrances. This scheme is being rolled out by the government, and you will receive your individual 8 digit number that will look something like this ‘’5apv-enke’’ so you can use the app at all places you visit.
If you are unable to do this, then please register at the office before entering the Clubhouse.

Social Distancing – stay in your group
Please keep an appropriate distance from others, especially when inside the Clubhouse
It is good practice to meet with your group to golf, and stay with your group in the Clubhouse (no more than 6).
Moving between groups is not appropriate if we are support the initiative to curb the spread of the Virus.

Hand sanitisers
Please use these frequently - they are dotted around the Clubhouse entrances.
This is important.

Ordering food and drinks
Please order with a member of staff
Temporary Rule - you are welcome to use your mobile phone to ring the bar or kitchen to order – numbers are on the tables.
Please order and give your table number – eg. Thirsk Room Table 3
Do not stand at the Bar
Food is available as normal and served to guests in tables of a maximum of 6

Please do not come in the office unless necessary for business, this is not be a public space.
We are happy to take calls and emails.
Masks must be worn in this area if you have to visit.

Locker Rooms
May be used for the purpose of retrieving / storing equipment from lockers ONLY
Golfers cannot change clothing in these areas.
Showers are out of action.
Golf shoes MUST be changed in the car park.
Toilet facilities are available

Golf arrangements
Remain unchanged
Please use the Covid-19 rules regarding flags and placing in bunkers
Please do not congregate around the first tee.

Where do you live?
If you live in an area that has a local ‘lockdown’ or additional restrictions in place then we ask that you consider if it is appropriate to visit the Club.

Symptoms or returning from abroad
If you have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 then please STAY AWAY from the Club
If you have returned from a country which is listed as unsafe and a quarantine is required on return, then please STAY AWAY from the Club until you have completed your quarantine.

We have set procedures to follow at the Club to ensure surfaces are kept clean and safe for members to use.

In conclusion; -

The emphasis has moved from requesting that members and guests follow the rules, to the Club being asked to be more proactive in ensuring that rules are adhered to.

Please do not be offended if a member of staff reminds you of the above.

The current arrangements are subject to further government updates. Hopefully we will not have to initiate more stringent arrangements, and any changes will be communicate to you.

We thank you for your support in advance.
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